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Our experienced team buys houses in any condition in Houston and surrounding areas. We pay cash, We take care of all the closing costs and You will NOT pay any commissions. Sell your home to us so you can skip the hassle of listing, showings, and months of uncertainty.

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Here’s our process and how it works:

About Us

We are a family owned business that has been helping homeowners solve their house selling problems in Houston, DFW and San Antonio markets since 2005. What makes us more experienced and knowledgeable than the nationwide companies that buy real estate is that we concentrate our attention on the areas we grew up and live in.

We’ve dramatically simplified the selling process for you!

Selling your home has never been easier. Get paid cash for your home regardless of condition.

What Our Clients Say

“Steve and Kim-they made the process sooo easy”

We inherited the house when Mom passed away.  We had no idea what to do with it-we both work full time and it needed a lot of repairs.  All those repairs meant cash out of our pocket in the hopes that the house would sell for a decent amount.  We didn’t want to take the risk. Also any realtor we consulted said you can never guarantee how quickly a house will sell-we would have to be responsible for insurance, property taxes, maintenance and utilities until it sold.  That’s when we found Steve and Kim-they made the process sooo easy-they offered us a reasonable price and took it off our hands w/in a couple weeks. We didn’t have to do anything but sign the closing papers! They didn’t care about the repairs needed at all and really solved what could have been a big headache for us.  Thanks Steve and Kim!!

“I would definitely use them if I need to sell a house quickly!!”

When my ex and I split, we had to settle up on the house.  We both wanted a clean split and didn’t want the long term problem of marketing a house for sale and neither of us could afford to buy each other out.  There would just be too many decisions to make together and we wanted to start fresh and not be bogged down by the past. Thoughts of dealing with him to decide on sale price, do we make repairs or not-who pays, do we accept the buyer’s offer price, etc, etc???  So I was lucky enough to come across Steve and Kim—boy what a relief it was! They handled everything and made it a worry free transaction! I didn’t have to deal with my ex at all! Steve and Kim did all the communicating and were very professional and courteous to work with.  I don’t ever plan to be in this position again, but I would definitely use them if I need to sell a house quickly!!

“They were so helpful and understanding of my situation”

My situation is a little embarrassing to admit, but Steve and Kim really helped me out of a rough spot, so I wanted to return the favor and give them a good review.  I had a hard time that I went through-I lost my job and couldn’t keep up with my bills. I found myself in a place I never thought I would be-facing foreclosure. I was at a loss on what to do.  I tried to sell before the bank started to foreclose and take it but it wouldn’t sell because it needed a few repairs that I didn’t have the money to make. No buyers were interested… I couldn’t pay the mortgage so the bank was threatening to take it. I knew I didn’t want a foreclosure on my record-I would never be able to buy a house again!  I was up late at night searching the web for a solution and found their website. They were so helpful and understanding of my situation. I thank God they were there to save from financial ruin. They were able to get me out from under my problem, closed fast and made it so easy. The burden was lifted and now I am getting my life back on track-thank you so much!

“They gave us a fair cash offer and closed really fast”

When we got married we thought we would keep my old house and rent it out.  Seemed like a good idea at the time-a little extra money coming in and the house would eventually get paid off…  Wrong! The tenants messed the place up, called for us to make repairs all the time (things that we know they broke), were late on rent, skipped out on the lease, we’d have to clean it up and wait for someone new to rent it to (while making the mortgage payments)-we were sick of it!  Luckily Steve and Kim provide a great service. We didn’t have time to take care of cleaning it up to sell and finding a realtor that does what they say they will do (we have had issues with realtors not performing in the past-but that’s another story), but Steve and Kim had no problem taking it in what was its current condition.  They gave us a fair cash offer and closed really fast. All-in-all they really got us out a situation we were tired of dealing with. Can’t recommend them enough!

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